Monday, November 07, 2011

How to copy website favicon

You may already know that the little icon appearing to the left of a website's page title is called a "favicon". It's an image file that has to be at least 16 x 16 pixels in size (the higher the better resolution of course), has to have the exact name of favicon.ico and be placed in the root folder of your website. There are alternative ways of using it, but this is the default. Today I'm just going to provide you with a quick trick: would you want to have a look at the favicon of your favourite website to have a closer look as to how it was done or edit it just for fun, all you have to do is to type in the full URL of the website in the address bar of your browser (the place you usually use to type in website names you would like to visit) and add "/favicon.ico" (without the quotes) to it. This will show you the favicon in the upper left hand corner which you can then save to your desktop for example by right-clicking anywhere on the page and choose save image as (or something like this, depending on the browser you are using). The full URL would then look something like this: (click in the box to highlight the code for copy)

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