Friday, July 17, 2009

subdomain to stay in address bar

Well, it was worth it to start the thread about making the subdomain stay in address bar (see my earlier post about this here) as today it finally got solved: so, if you want to make sure that when you setup your subdomain it reads instead of and have a domain and hosting provider similar to GoDaddy (i.e., this thread on Mod_Rewrite Forums will be very useful for you: subdomain to stay in address bar (also referenced in the same post I'm referring to above). richardk is one very patient guy and although my question has little to do with mod_rewrite, he answered and finally solved the situation. Thanks again richardk!

setup CNAME with the subdoman pointing to @ (assuming that @ is pointing to the correct IP - see below)


setup A-record with the subdomain pointing to the correct IP address (of the hosting server, information should be available in your hosting account) - do NOT setup subdomain forwarding on domain side but DO setup subdomain on hosting side (NO .htaccess needed)!

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