Friday, June 19, 2009

Some more info about .htaccess + mod_rewrite

Today I was trying to look for .htaccess commands to make sure that my subdomain I setup, stays in the address bar, just like it is in case of this blog, I got a bit disctracted by visiting some otherwise very useful articles, like Ultimate htaccess Examples, the .htaccess Tutorial thread of, or the one about domain masking with .htaccess at Forums but, however being very detailed and needy in some cases, none of them provided me with the solution I needed. So finally I stumbled upon a website called Mod_Rewrite Forums and posted this thread: subdomain to stay in address bar. Hope it gets solved soon! ;)

The solution of this thread can be found in my post of the 7/17/09: Subdomain to stay in address bar.

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