Thursday, August 27, 2015

The best webhosting service ever, I mean, really!

Well, I'm kinda taking business away from myself, but not really. I do provide hosting services, but to be honest, for now, on a very small scale; business hasn't picked up the pace I would like it to, although, to be very honest, I haven't had much time making it work for me (too busy with daytime job, and other stuff in life, let me not go into that...). Either way, obviously, until my time comes, I also need a reliable webhosting service, and mine, the best of the best, with amazing, no bullsh*t support, a small but extremely professional business (I like "small but great" businesses, did I tell you that already?) that is called... wait for it (rolling drums)... Lithium Hosting.

All of my web data, all of my domains, simply everything of the stack is hosted, registered... etc with them, and I really have absolutely nothing to complain about, moreover, I have never had the experience I had with LI with any other support team ever in my life before - wow, how nice does it feel that I can honestly say that without any hesitation or doubt!

So guys, if you're looking for your best web hosting (or domain registrar... etc) experience ever, I can only recommend connecting with Lithium Hosting, so go ahead and create your account. Just don't forget to come back here often, and as soon as my webhosting business starts to pick up, to transition to me. :)

p.s.: do I get a referral bonus if you join? Sure I do, but why would you not want to help me with that, right? :) Thanks!


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