Monday, September 19, 2011

Setup a second router as a repeater bridge

This one is not directly related to webdesign or blogging, but we are all using the internet quite regularly, many of us do so using the very practical and therefore just as much popular solution, a wireless router. I recently moved into a new apartment where I was using a wireless router supplied by the internet service provider (ISP), but the flat is pretty big, thus in one of the rooms the signal of the wireless router was very weak. In order to strengthen the signal, I had the idea to use another wireless router in addition to the already existing one.

Monday, September 05, 2011

How to create a (browser) "Back" link

I always wanted to know this, so I hit the internet and searched for it: I wanted to find out how I can create a Back link on my page. This can be very practical for example on a 404 (page cannot be displayed) error page, as this way if visitors came to your website from one of your pages (or any other website) they can easily click your Back link making your page even more user-friendly.