Monday, September 19, 2011

Setup a second router as a repeater bridge

This one is not directly related to webdesign or blogging, but we are all using the internet quite regularly, many of us do so using the very practical and therefore just as much popular solution, a wireless router. I recently moved into a new apartment where I was using a wireless router supplied by the internet service provider (ISP), but the flat is pretty big, thus in one of the rooms the signal of the wireless router was very weak. In order to strengthen the signal, I had the idea to use another wireless router in addition to the already existing one. As I brought my own wireless router with me from the previous flat, where it was not supplied by the ISP, I thought this second wireless router should be able to pick up the signal of the first one making the signal stronger in that room. So, as usual, I went on the internet and looked for help. Quite soon I found out that in order this to happen with my router, I had to upgrade its firmware. Probably most popular wireless router firmware provider is a project called Their firmwares are highly sophisticated with a lot of customization options to fit the needs of the pickiest network designers. After I have installed the right firmware for my router (click here for more information about installing / flashing your router) and some additional research on their website, I found their page about Linking Routers - you may want to have a look at this page, as you may want to setup your wireless routers in a different way. Cycling through the options, the one that fit my specific needs was the setup called Repeater Bridge. Honestly, it took me some time and lots of tries until I got to the point when it started to work, so if you want to do this too, prepare for a half a day setup time. Before starting anything, please take some time to understand what a Hard Reset Or 30/30/30 is and make sure that you follow all instructions precisely, otherwise you may brick (break) your router. But don't worry, even if your router is bricked, you still have ways to solve your problem, just follow the guide called Recover From A Bad Flash. As always, would you have any questions, please feel free to AskMe, I'll do my best to help you out!

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