Monday, December 17, 2012

How to find your facebook id or facebook admin id (aka fb:admin)

Actually I realised that there is quite a lot of false or misleading information around this subject. Finding out one's facebook id or facebook admin id (aka fb:admins) apparently creates a lot of confusion as facebook itself does not provide a comprehensive help page with this subject. What would you need it for, you may ask. Well, some facebook social plugins, like the facebook "Like" button for example, need it in order to work properly.

So here it is, select one of these 2 easy ways to get it:

1. The "geeky" way: Go to your facebook profile, right-click on your page and select the menu option that lets you see the source code of the webpage, then look for the following code line:

(click in the box to highlight the code for copy)

The number you are looking for stands right after "user", in this above example it is 123456789 (of course this is fictional).

2. The "user friendly" way: try to find out your facebook id by juggling around with the ID you can get out of your profile photo. Check it out here:

3.a. The "super-easy" way #1: Go to and paste your profile URL into the box. ;)

3.b. The "super-easy" way #2: Go to (note: you will probably have to be logged in to facebook before going to this link and your ID will be displayed under "id":). Oh, did I say facebook doesn't provide a comprehensive help page? It is actually true - this URL I only found through google, it's not referenced to on their social plugins pages which is quite odd, don't you agree?

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