Sunday, September 16, 2012

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Ok, so here I am again, after most of my holidays and travels completed, a post that I wanted to add some time back already but wasn't sure how to word it. Finally I came up with a very simple way of saying this.

I have looked around on the net but mostly the explanation of how facebook cover photos are sized was not very easy to understand. So finally I simply took a screen shot of mine removed the inside and here you go, the plane image you'll see attached here below.

Just a few comments:
1. Use the canvas size as is, this is the exact size of the image you want to use.
2. The top 1 px will be covered with a blue line, facebook's header but you should still size your pic to this canvas size (815 px) otherwise it will be distorted.
3. The gray lines you see on the sides of the picture are the 1 px lines on the edges that facebook makes transparent / gray but you should still keep the sizes to avoid distortion.
4. Facebook applies a 4 px size white border around your profile pic, and turn your profile pic into a 160x160 px image, this cuts a 168 px wide space out of your cover photo.
5. I'll let you measure the rest, download the image and add it to your favourite image editor.

So, here is the picture, enjoy the game! ;)
Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions base

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