Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Facebook Like button added to

Probably one of the easiest and fastest way to express your appreciation is using the Facebook's Like button. There are 2 ways to set it up: XFBML or iframe. The simple and fast way is iframe that however doesn't leave you much space for customization while you can do a whole lot more with the XFBML version (you'll find an excellent post about how to add a comment field along with the Like button here: Facebook Like button XFBML tutorial).

To setup the iframe version, simply go to Facebook's Like button page, fill in the necessary informaion and insert the code snippet you'll get into your website.

Ways to have the like button automatically added to all your posts without having to go to Facebook every time vary depending on what blogging platform you use. I found a nice and easy post for Blogger called Facebook Like / Recommend Button For Blogger. A full list of Facebook Like button plugins for Wordpress can be found here. If you use any other platform, just search the web with the platform's name and something like "facebook like button". If you can't find it, just AskMe. ;)

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