Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SOLVED! iOS 7 (iPhone 4S) Reminders only syncing when editing

This time I have something for you that would be more practical in your everyday life, provided you have an iPhone of course. You may have experienced this too, but I realized that if I applied changes to my Reminder entries on my iMac (has to be OS X 10.7.2 or later), it only got synced on my iPhone 4S with iOS 7 once I started editing one of the entries there. What happened in this case was that my current editing got ignored, and the changes I applied on my iMac took over. This was very annoying and I have looked everywhere on the net but found no real solution.

One day I just tried something, and it appears it did the trick: when you open your Calendar on your iPhone with iOS 7, it immediately starts syncing, but it turns out it is not only syncing the calendar, but does it for iCloud as a whole, thus including Reminders too. Totally unaware of this and so without any specific attempt to solve the issue, I opened my calendar right after I changed a Reminder entry on my iMac, then I opened Reminders and, voilĂ , there they are, all my Reminder entries were updated on my iPhone 4S!

Hope this helps someone.

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