Monday, October 14, 2013

Get rid if annoying captcha!

If you followed this blog for a long time, you might have seen my post about introducing reCAPTCHA (Added reCAPTCHA to webeno contact forms). Let me tell you something: you don't need any sort of captcha trick at all in order to prevent SPAM! And believe me when I tell you this as I have this new way setup and working perfectly, and have received 0 automated SPAM through my forms since its introduction!

Here is what I did:
First off, as always, I found the article for it:

Basically what you're doing is fooling the automated SPAM creating systems using your forms by creating a form input element that you hide from humans but the machine is going to think it's a field to be filled, so will put data in it. Now, as the human cannot see it, they cannot fill it, so naturally, if the field is filled, you can be sure it's a machine and so you can just reject those submissions and, voilà, you got rid of automated SPAM! ;)

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