Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two new website designs - done!

They've both been ready for a while now, just didn't take the time to post about them, but hey, I feel this it the perfect time for it, right? ;)

One of them was created for a good friend, another photographer, just about to start opening her wings in this beautiful profession: check out Evi Zelenak's website. I used on this website what I explained in my earlier post titled 'A little help with Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode'. I specifically needed it for the bit where you hover over the different language options on the home page and it shows different text - unfortunately IE understands the fixed locations of divs a little bit shifted to the right and bottom compared to other browsers so I had to adjust. I also used some of what's been told in my even earlier post to work the magic of text changing on hover: 'Form in tooltip with text linked send button'.

The other one was a small budget project I recently got, the client was a friend of a friend, hopefully his business will grow super big as he is just such a kind and very well organised dude; if someone he does merit even more than what he already has! Here is the website I created for him: A couple of very nice tricks I utilised will be published in the coming months for your learning experience. If you are curious of any details, as always, feel free to AskMe.

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