Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Easy countdown timer for your website

I guess I found the easiest countdown timer on the web, namely Andrew Urquhart's DHTML Easy Countdown — v1.53. All you have to do is to copy the javascript provided in the downloaded file onto your hosting server, call this javascript at the beginning of your page, then use the 'countdown1' selector id in any div, span or other tag, and finally provide the date and time within and you're good to go! ;)

Example code to call the javascript (put this between the 'head' tags):
(click in the box to highlight the code for copy)

Example code for the page (put these between the 'body' tags):
(click in the box to highlight the code for copy)

If you need to change the text to another language for example, simply open the javascript for editing with any text editor, locate the 'day', 'hour'... etc words in quotation marks and change them to your language. If the selected language uses plurals, you can change them too in the brackets after those words.


  1. The scripting your showing very valuable and vital for the new features perspective and it will really helpful in hosting too. Nice blog and their content too..

  2. @iceron: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your comment! Keep following my blog and AskMe in case you want me to address anything you are unsure about; I'll be happy to help! ;)


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