Sunday, June 20, 2010

New website 'in the house': & updated

Was just ready a few days ago with the latest, very simple website i created for an amazing musician and dj, widosub. I created his site with WordPress and used the The WordPress XSPF Player Plugin, a Flash based music player plugin. Go ahead and check it out now:

I also made a recent change to due to the fact that the client wanted to see the website through iPad and iPhone, I had to replace the Flash based simpleviewer script by a Javascript based picture gallery tool. I used the probably simplest and awesomest script called Galleria by Aino. As a backup solution, for those who have difficulties seeing javascript content, I created a separate, simple, html/css based version of the picture gallery - I used a simple CSS photo-album for this replacing the numbers with thumbnail pictures (click the "Can't see the pictures? Try this!" link to see it in action). Go ahead and check out to see how I used the Galleria and CSS photo-album codes.

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